DOI: 10.20894/IJWT.

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International Journal of Web Technology is a peer-reviewed, free publication and open access of abstract. The IJWT journal covers all areas of computer science such as information technology, engineering and mathematics and its applications. We are publishing original research, review articles and technical notes in our journal after double blind review process.

Scope of the Journal

The IJWT is publishes research and technical papers, both short and long. We welcome authors to submit the research and technical papers in the following area

Accessibility issues and Technology Protocols and Standards
Authentication and Access Control Social and Legal Issues
B2B, B2C and C2C Social Media
Cloud Computing Software Architecture Social Network Architecture
Computational Intelligence on the Web Social Network Awareness
Data Mining Social Networking
Distributed and Parallel Applications on web Social Networks and Organizational Culture
E- Society User-Centric Systems
E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Learning Web 2.0 and Social Networking Controls
E-Communities Web Application Architecture
E-Government Web Content Generation and Management
E-Payment Web Geographical Information Systems
Internet Technology Web Information Filtering and Retrieval
Metadata and Meta modeling Web Information Systems
Meta-Knowledge Discovery and Representation Web Intelligence
Mobile Instant Messaging Web Intelligence and Mobile Information Systems
Mobile Media Sharing Systems Web interface User Modeling
Mobile Navigation and Assistance Web Interfaces and Applications
Mobile Social Network Interaction Web Mining
Mobile Social Network Streaming Web Programming
Multimedia Technology for web Web Security and Privacy
Online Databases and Data ware housing Web Services and Web Engineering
Online Searching and Browsing algorithms Web Site Classification
Ontology and the Semantic Web Web Site Navigation Support Systems
Privacy and Confidentiality